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In the 17th century, French painter Jacques Linard executed a series of still life paintings over thirteen years, consistently featuring a blue and white porcelain bowl adorned with the motif of “Dongpo's Tour at Red Cliff.” This repeated motif emerged as a symbolic element within his works exploring themes of the “five senses” and “vanitas.” Due to the divergent cultural and artistic contexts of China and the West, the depicted porcelain bowls exhibit a transformation in function, decoration, and significance. These alterations not only shift the representation of “Dongpo's Tour at Red Cliff” from its literary origins to a purely visual form but also imbue the motif with new layers of meaning. Consequently, Linard's works, particularly Porcelana china con flores, prominently display characteristics of a “meta-picture” or “meta-painting.”


the image of “Dongpo's Tour at Red Cliff”, five-sense painting, vanitas, meta-painting, maritime Silk Road