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Su Shi's culinary odes drew inspiration from The Book of Songs, On Encountering Trouble and comedian's lyrics, blending the lofty ideals of The Songs of Chu and the playful wit of comedian's lyrics. This synthesis reflects Su Shi's intent to innovate within the literary tradition, allowing his compositions to entertain divinities, the audience, and himself. Immersing his full life experience into his work, Su Shi blurred the distinctions between high and low culture in both aesthetic preference and emotional expression. He moved beyond the dichotomy of refined versus common subjects, adopting an aesthetic approach to everyday life with equanimity. Su Shi's reflections on the interplay of elegance and vulgarity also mark his personal journey towards self-realization and character development. Far from mere literary diversion, Su Shi's culinary odes established a classic paradigm with lasting influence on subsequent generations.


Su Shi, culinary odes, elegance and vulgarity, history of rhymed prose and ode