Ning Wang


Raymond Williams' Significance to Current Literary and Cultural Studies
Abstract: Raymond Williams was introduced to China in the latter 1980s, and he is still considered prominent in his influence on China's research on world literature and culture studies. Williams' works cover some fundamental issues of Marxist literary theory, such as “hegemony,” “ideology,” “culture,” “materialism,” and “common culture,” and develop the contemporary form of Marxist literary theory with his dynamic construction of cultural materialism, thus bridging Marxist socio'historical and aesthetic criticism and cultural and linguistic issues. When literary and cultural theory is on the decline in the West, Williams' legacy is still appreciated in international cultural studies circles, especially in China. His cultural materialism, which combines the reality of British literature and culture, provides a valuable reference for us to construct the literary theoretical discourse with Chinese characteristics today.


Raymond William, Marxism and Literature, literary theory, world literature, cultural studies, China

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