Guoqi Ding


“Historical initiative spirit” has become a key concept to understand the literary and art work of our country. Writers and artists in the New Era need to have a high degree of historical consciousness, attach importance to the traditional literary and art resources, but know how to “sublate” and how to obtain learning in other fields. They need to develop a strong consciousness of historical responsibility, and adhere to the historical mission, that is, literature and art is dutybound to lead the ethos of our time and build the cultural power of our nation. Literature and art lead our time forward through their minute observation and attentive depiction of the daily life. Writers and artists should have a positive consciousness of historical innovation, and they cannot innovate for the sake of innovation, but should properly handle the relationship between integrity and innovation, as well as the relationship between social benefits and economic benefits. The final realization of literary economic benefits is essentially the social benefits of literature and art.


historical initiative spirit, historical consciousness, historical responsibility, historical innovation

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