Bai Hei


The “structure of ci-poetry” was raised in the 1990s, and Wu Shichang was established as the main initiator of this theoretical paradigm. In fact, the “structure of ci-poetry” was not the creation of any single individual, but had its origins in the long history of ci-poetry. Among them, the importance of Chen Xun's Remarks on Ci-poetry cannot be ignored. Through close reading, Chen's work incorporated theoretical terms into its interpreting system and provided large-scale structural analyses of Wu Wenying's ci-poetry, embodying a prototype of the paradigm of “structure of ci-poetry”. Its interpretation of Wu Wenying's ci-poetry had two connotations: the concealment and progression of meaning in the spatial structure of ci-poetry, and the interlude, expansion and contraction of the temporal structure with the extension of emotional quality in it. Adopting this approach, Chen Xun's Remarks on Ci-poetry extended its analyses to the criticism of Zhou Bangyan's and Xin Qiji's ci-poetry, forming a preliminary yet general theoretical structure that promoted the paradigm shift from impressionistic comment to structural analysis and the modern occurrence of ci-poetry criticism.


Chen Xun, Wu Wenying's ci-poetry, structure of ci-poetry, paradigm shift, modern criticism of ci-poetry

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