Chang Shi


As transmedia storytelling prevails, narrative gradually becomes an art of world-building. A storyworld is an expandable fantasy world aroused by narration. The construction of a storyworld involves precise creation, continuous expansion, and narrative coherence. A storyworld, following the principle of “fantastic realism,” normally consists of a long history, current events, and shared values. Such a world unfolds thanks to the shift of the characters' point of view, the expansion of the space, and the generational developments, three devices used in the narrative like three “searchlights” in the exploration of an unknown world. The popularization of the storyworld is underlined by the rise of a “re-enchanting” world as a result of the dissatisfaction with the society of “disenchantment” and the desire for the resurgence of fantasy. With imminent threats and pressing missions, “re-enchantment” suggests a turbulent and imaginary world, where the participants of the re-enchanting storyworlds manage to escape from the daily life, search for meaning, and establish a sense of identity.


storyworlds, transmedia storytelling, world-building, the resurgence of fantasy, re-enchantment

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