Shuzhuo Jiang


History can be a mirror for the future. In the New Era, the construction of literary and art theory has developed in at least five aspects toward the Sinicizattion of Marxist literary and art theory: 1) concept of peoplecentered literature and art, 2) theory of literary and artistic creation rooted in reality with model characters, 3) theory of literary and artistic communication combining realist spirit and romantic sentiments, 4) concept of literary and artistic criticism centered on history, people, art and aesthetics, and 5) theory of literary and artistic ideals featuring the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind.


“Resolution of the CPC Central Committee on the Major Achievements and Historical Experiences of the Party in the Past Century”, the Report of the 20th CCP National Congress, Sinicization of Marxist theories of literature and art, the New Era, discourse system

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