Cheng Yu


Faust is a key channel into what Friedrich Kittler refers to as the “discourse network 1800”. Faust’s three experiments unwittingly present the process of the birth of a new discourse network: seeking to be freed from the infinite cycle of historical materials, setting the mind or spirit as the foundation for free translation through interpretation and translation experiments, and establishing new sources and rules of discourses. The minimal elements of meaning that derive from the mind or spirit constitute the prerequisite for a new discourse network. Regarding literature as a discourse channel that maintains the established practice of writing and reading as well as rewriting Michel Foucault’s analysis of discourse into an analysis of cultural techniques, Kittler reminds us of the significant role of changes in the details of cultural techniques in the process of the transformation of discourse networks.


Faust; Friedrich Kittler; Michel Foucault; discourse network; cultural techniques

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