Fang Ding


Li Linfu, prime minister of the Xuanzong period of the Tang dynasty, was in charge of state affairs for two decades and was a notorious culprit in the decline of the state. As a cunning and crude official, Li was particularly hostile to the literati. One important reason was his failed attempt to crown Prince Li Mao, as Prince Li Heng became heir to the throne with the support of the literati. Li Linfu’s scheme to overthrow the crowned Prince Li Heng continuously encountered resistance from the literati represented by Zhang Jiuling. Viewing the literati as his political opponents, Li thus crudely attacked those with high political positions and disregarded those from middle and low ranks. He also controlled the entire system of official election. Despite Li’s so-called administrative ability, his play of power endangered the political ecology of the state. His conduct not only caused serious damage to the poetic circle during the prosperous period of the Tang dynasty, but also changed the life and career of numerous poets.


non-dramatic qu-poetry in the Republic; national poetry; Lu Qian; folk rhymes; new poetry

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