Wang Shizhen was famous in the history of criticism for the term shenyun. Later, this term was interpreted in Casual Remarks from North of the Pond as “poetry is valued for its clarity and profundity”, which was further clarified by Qian Zhongshu. Based on shenyun, Qian Zhongshu reconstructed the theory -- “poetry is valued for its clarity and profundity” -- on three levels: the source (Xie He’s Record of Appreciating Ancient Paintings), the turning point (using the southern painting theory to “discuss poetry through painting”), and the mechanism (Fan Wen’s “aftertaste is charm”). All of Qian’s source materials are taken from cultural heritage across millennia, but his poetic framework and connotation is highly integrated as a modern theory.


interpretation of classics, shenyun (spirit and charm), Qian Zhongshu, “poetry is valued for its clarity and profundity”, geographical context

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