In the fields of literature and painting, the story of Cai Wenji's return from captivity has provided creative materials and artistic inspiration for later literary and artistic creations, and numerous works on the same theme have been created. Eighteen Stanzas on the Reed Pipe by Liu Shang in the Tang dynasty and Picture of Wenji's Return from Captivity by Li Tang in the Song dynasty are the representations of this story. The formation of the themes in these two works is deeply influenced by historical factors, societal influences, and personal elements. They represent the distinct life experiences of the poet and the painter regarding the same subject and theme. Comparing the phenomenon of expressing the same theme through literature and visual representation, this article argues that poetry extends the boundaries of the picturesque scene, and the picturesque scene is also capable of recreating poetic sentiments.


Eighteen Stanzas on the Reed Pipe, Liu Shang, Li Tang, comparison between poetry and painting

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