Xi Liu


The “posthuman turn” has changed the focus of feminists from reflections on humanism which had been supported by poststructural theory since the 1980s to a pluralistic posthumanist perspective, and this turn enriches the genealogy of feminist theory. This paper probes into the multiple resources for and main theoretical arguments of “posthuman feminism,” focusing particularly on how posthuman feminism continues with and breaks through from poststructuralist feminism, that is, the ways in which posthuman feminism challenges the limits of liberal humanism as well as opens up an anti-anthropocentric dimension on the basis of a new materialist ontology. By examining the new views on “subjectivity” and “sexuality/gender” of posthuman feminism, this paper aims to reflect on the significance of this new theoretical discourse for contemporary cultural criticism.


new ontology;view of subjectivity;view of gender;posthuman feminism

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