Jinsong Li


The construction of parallel prose largely depends on allusion. By virtue of a collage of previous texts, allusion in parallel prose not only engages in constructing new texts but also yields meaning,which enables parallel prose to demonstrate a modality of intertextuality. In a certain sense, the parallel prose is an aggregation of fragments of the revised previous texts, forming a new literary space as a result of the dialogues between the previous texts, the creator of parallel prose, and the reader. As allusion deconstructs and reconstructs the fragments of previous texts,there is a discrepancy between the appearance of allusion and its meaning, thus creating a tension in the text. The textual tension also manifests through the difference in the mode of thinking between expressions using allusion and those not using allusion. Therefore, antithesis, prosodyand embellishments in writing merely form the external characteristics of parallel prose, whileallusion indeed defines the inherent characteristics of parallel prose as well as its textual pattern.


intertextuality, allusion, text, parallel prose, tension

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