Ying Liu


Bruno Latour is a leading figure in the field of scienceand technology studies (STS) and anadvocate of actor-network theory (ANT). From his ethnographic studies of science in the late 20th century to his resetting of sociology and ecology in the 21st century, Latour has used all available resources and tools to conduct thought experiments, whereinliterature is one of the resources he constantly draws on and favors the most. By using literary works as supporting examples, employing literary forms as means of argumentation, and treating literary theories as conceptual framework, Latour has been practicing the idea of transcending the opposition between literature and science, between humanities and social sciences. This provides the possibility, inspiration and demonstration for interdisciplinary “translation” of Latouriantheory into literary studies. Moreover, Latour’s revision of ANT has opened new paths for literary studies, which include but are not limited to resetting the sociology of literature, inquiring into literature’sunique mode of existence, and highlighting the agency of literature in the age of Anthropocene.


Bruno Latour, actor-network theory, sociologyof literature, Anthropocene

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