"The Multitude",a concept reconstructed by Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt after the deconstruction of the subjecthood by post-structuralism,is a combination of singularity and commonality,and physicality and affection,and it is the subjecthood of postmodern society that overthrows the control of the empire and constructs the commonwealth. In the early days, Negri began to explore social issues from the perspective of the relationship between art and the multitude. From this perspective, his logics in constructing the multitude can be summed up as aestheticization and bio-politicization,and its inner trajectory of reasoning can be summarized as a transformation from the “somaesthetics of multitude” to the “poetics of body”,and to the “body /singularity politics”


the multitude, somaesthetics, singularity, aestheticization, bio-politicization