This article explores the issue of reference in fictional texts,that is,the relationship between fictional texts and reality. Paul Ricoeur thinks that the reference of poetic language is not cancelled,but only suspended. Through its semantic creativity,it possesses the ability to transform reality and to turn our personal environment into a habitable world. The interpretation of the concept "world /Welt" and "environment /Umwelt" by Martin Heidegger and Hans-Georg Gadamer shed light on the significance of fictional texts in reality,for they propose to us possible modes of existence in the ontological sense. In other words,fictional texts can express the reality of the possible ( réalité du possible /Wirklichkeit des Möglichen) . This article focuses on the researches by Hans Blumenberg,in order to discuss the influence of the historical evolution of the concept of reality on that of fictional texts. The new idea about the reality enables people to enlarge their zone of possibility through fiction,and to constantly change their perspective and position through the ontological journey of reading.


fiction, text, reality, the possible, Paul Ricoeur, Hans Blumenberg