From 1937 to 1939,Takeuchi Yoshimi studied in Beijing as an overseas student. During this time,he had adeveloped deep understanding of literature's inefficacy when confronted with Japanese invaders' political violence. At the sametime,through befriending Zhou Zuoren,Takeuchi was deeply affected by him,especially regarding his views on the relationshipbetween literature and politics,national character,cultural subjectivity,and modernization of East Asia. In the end,Zhou Zuoren became a bridge for Takeuchi Yoshimi to Lu Xun. By using the two key words,"ghost" and "sorrow of the East Asia people",to connect Zhou Zuoren and Lu Xun,Takeuchi expressed his reflection on the relationship between the nationality of East Asia and its modernization. The other two key words from Zhou Zuoren's thought,"essay" and "hermit" had been absorbed by Takeuchi to play a crucial part as an "inner naysayer",which became the foundation of his theory of "repent". Zhou Zuoren's view about the use of the useless in literature and his silent cultural resistance was also seen as an "attitude of litterateur" to Takeuchi,which influenced the unity of opposites between literature and politics,which Takeuchi Yoshimi built in his interpretation of Lu Xun.


Takeuchi Yoshimi, Takeuchi Yoshimi's interpretation of Lu Xun, Zhou Zuoren, Takeuchi Yoshimi's interpretation of Zhou Zuoren