Yunyun Tang


he relationship between the poetics of Weng Fanggang and the poetry of Song dynasty has been the research attention for many scholars. Weng's criticism focused on the texture of the Song-Dynasty poetry, and he regarded highly Su Shi and Huang Tingjian; however, his high regard was not grounded theoretically. From the perspective of poetic logic construction, Weng's Song-Dynasty poetics began with his criticism of The Anthology of the Song-Dynasty Poetry edited by Wu Zhizhen, while at the same time he revealed the essential features of the Song-Dynasty poetry. Weng grounded his criticism and argument on the logic of literary history, evaluating the Song-Dynasty poetry by putting it into perspectives, especially through his theorization about what was solid and what was virtual, through his revelation of the relation between the Song-Dynasty poetry and Du Fu's poetry. Thus, he could connect the Tang poetry with the Son poetry and exposed the common ground between them.

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